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Revisiting the hair-dryer app

I decided to go back and work a bit more on the hair-dryer application which I had created before Winter Break. The reason is that even though the mechanism in terms of coding worked, I feel that visually it wasn’t.

In the previous version, the hair-dryer blew away pieces of paper. This time I’m trying feathers, as they seem to look more interesting visually. This is the first artwork I have created for them.

Two new ones were added to the collection (please click to see the picture in bigger size).

Then I started thinking of mixing feathers with pieces of paper. I rather like the image below, but I think it’s not suitable for the app.

The following two can probably be used.

I also created this luggage tag:


Jupiter _Artwork for landscape app

(Substantial) changes again

I created the application for Venus, the way it was planned before: to be used while holding the smartphone in ‘portrait’ format. I began to wonder whether the portrait format feels limiting for and I decided to try creating a version in landscape format as well. This was much more difficult than it sounds, because I had to re-create the artwork and add to it, to cover this big length (which is 3 times the biggest dimension of the screen).

Video environments

Please click on the vimeo link to view them under acceptable circumstances. WordPress does a terrible job with embedded video.

Updated Jupiter visuals for motion piece

It was never going to be that simple, was it? After creating the motion piece to serve as the Jupiter environment ¬†using the previous visuals, I realised that ¬†changes had to be made to get the right ‘feel’.

New visuals for Jupiter

(Significantly more energy is produced inside the atmosphere of Jupiter, which is very active, than received from the Sun. Due to this and the distance between them, it is logical to assume that the Sun is not visible while being on Jupiter).