I have had to make a difficult decision regarding the audio aspect of the motion pieces for Mars, Venus and Jupiter which are to be used as the basis to create the applications.

There were two choices: (a) to use natural sounds (e.g. wind for Mars, as it is a windy planet), (b) to propose to George Georgiou Vasiliades, who is a close friend and an excellent music artist, to collaborate and use his music (which you can listen to at this link).

To make up my mind, I tried both choices. I had some music by the artist because of a past collaboration, so I decided to try this unofficially. However, I will not upload anything without his permission. It was just an experiment to see whether my visuals and his music would work well together.

And they do. Too well actually.. The beautiful ambient music greatly enhances the ‘poetic’ nature of these visuals and the result is much stronger than without the music. BUT the result feels complete as it is, as a motion piece. I need to create environments to base applications on. With the music, the ‘poetic’ nature is becomes overpowering and if anything was added to this (interactivity), it would detract from the result rather than enhance it. I really like the result, but it feels a different project: ambient, poetic motion pieces.

Regarding the other option, so far I have tried adding the windy sounds to the Mars environment. I believe it works well. It doesn’t have the same instant impact as it would with beautiful music, but it feels more like an environment and less than a motion piece.


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