An additional proposal for the Solar System

After the images were created and motion pieces were made using them, the thought of an additional proposal was born: to present the visual material in the form of a relatively large-scale video installation.

According to this proposal, the installation would include small white rooms,one for each planet, with a single projection. The projection would be of the motion piece for the specific planet, playing in loop, with sound. The room would be white and deprived of any decorative detail, thus not distracting the viewer and enabling him/her to focus on the material be mentally ‘transferred’ to the environment of the planet. Besides the rooms, a bigger central area would exist, with an installation about the Sun. This would be done by a fine artist, therefore the overall project would be a collaboration.

An interesting variation of this would be to include motion-sensing technology. When a viewer would walk in a direction, the video would navigate in the same direction, thus enabling him/her to explore the environment. This would use the material that was initially designed for applications (it has been created in high resolution) and is actually very similar in functionality, except it takes place in physical space and the viewer uses his own self instead of his finger to navigate.

An alternative way to present the video installation, is to create a virtual exhibition in a web environment.

It is important to note that these proposals do not exclude one another. The combined result of a video installation and interactive applications would be more interesting and would connect a customised/individual experience with a public one.


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