Quicktime VR

After a suggestion by my tutor yesterday, I considered the possibility of using Quicktime VR for creating the environment for the planets. In that case, this Quicktime VR environment would be the application itself.

It looked like a promising system. From the start, there was a problem though: it is about still images, not videos, and I would like to use motion (I hadn’t clarified this before the suggestion was made). Additionally, I don’t know whether it would work with material of more abstract nature than clean photography.

Researching further into this, it appears that support for it isn’t as wide as expects. This link for instance suggests that there is no support for it on the iPad, which is made by the same company.. Also, the official web page for Quicktime VR at Apple’s website is dead (link). I started thinking that maybe it’s a technology which looked very promising a few years ago but didn’t take the world by storm and support for it is decreasing. Even if this is not true though, it seems to me that designing applications for mobile devices is a smarter and more future-proof decision.


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