Panorama _Conclusions

After researching online for applications using panoramic pictures (with very few results) and software to create them, I downloaded two of them (software for creating panoramic photos) and tried them, to decide whether the results would be of use in a potential application. I used two random ‘Venus’ photos for now, just to test what the software actually does.

The first one I tried was ‘Hugin’ which I mentioned in the previous post. I wasn’t satisfied with the results.

I also tried ‘Arc Panorama’ (link) which was suggested by my tutor. This was more interesting, but still I do not see how the material could be used in a potential application. What it basically does, is stitch two or more photos together, and create some distortion in the perspective. The final outcome though is still a still image – in order to be able to navigate in a space using an application, this distortion in perspective needs to be changing real-time… It is something that needs 3-D space and the use of a virtual ‘camera’. It sounds simple but is actually very complicated – I do not have experience of designing in 3D space. Granted, by 3-D standards it is a very simple form, it is however a completely different environment. On top of that, I would need to render texture, work with a virtual ‘camera’.. This would be a project for collaborating with a 3-D animator or games developer – however, there is no time for that within this module.


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