Versions of Venus (drafts)

Venus is the warmest of the planets and has clouds of acid, so I thought of using something resembling rust for its atmosphere. Right now I’m trying to decide on how the ground and (mainly) the atmosphere will look, other elements will be added later on.

When I started this post I thought the third one was the best option..but looking at them now I’m undecided between the third and the second one.

To help me decide, I did a little more work to both options and added the sun.

I think that my first impulse, the last option, is probably the best one (even though I’m still not 100% sure!). It will also provide a good contrast with the main interface (the application with the whole solar system) which will have a dark background.

After realising that I wasn’t sure about my decision, I decided to ask my facebook friends. So far, it’s a perfect tie! Even if one ‘wins’, the difference will be too small to be a defining factor. The general consensus is that the first image if more attention-grabbing but that the second one feels more suitable for Venus.

UPDATE: The last option has gained more ground!

Here is a slightly improved version after this:


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