Mobile apps/games VS Desktop ones

I feel that developing educational games for mobile devices is a wiser decision than focusing on desktops.

First of all, the popularity of mobile phone apps is already very high and will continue to increase. It is predicted for instance that by 2013 soon more users will be getting online using their mobile phone rather than a computer.

Secondly, the target group, type of apps and visual style that I am going for is much more suitable for the environment of mobile devices. When I visited the ‘Play Kids Games’ website for instance (LINK) I found some games which weren’t bad at all and could work well (with some improvements) for mobile phones. But the environment they are currently placed in ‘kills’ them. Its not as natural for a kid to log-in to the internet using a computer, go to a complex and cluttered web site and select a minimal educational app to play; it is much more simple and natural to just pick-up a device, select the game and start playing! Also, everyone (including kids) is used to expecting a different visual language from desktop games – usually one with a 3-D environment, rendered textures, etc. The environment of mobile devices favours simplicity and functionality, qualities I desire for my project. Games for desktop computers often rely on complexity to impress.


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