Interactive glove

An idea suggested by my tutor, is to involve the use of an ‘interactive glove’ (if suitable) in some of the applications. An interactive glove is basically a glove with sensors, which can be used as an input device. It sounds a bit extreme in theory but in practise it makes perfect sense and shouldn’t be that difficult to make. As a matter of fact, according to this source (link), the first one was created by Laetitia Sonami in 1991 (and got a major upgrade in 1994). This is where the image below is taken from.

Researching further, I found that several people have tried similar things.

This article (link) mentions some of them.

This source (link) for instance talks of a ‘Zerkin Glove’.

A video with the project of another person can be seen here.

This video (link) shows an interactive glove being used with Google Earth.

Another interesting possibility is shown in this video (link), with a glove designed for the Wii.


In my opinion though the most promising piece of information is the fact that Google has embraced the technology and might release something in the future (link). The idea has existed for so many years, yet it seems that it’s only when a powerful company adopts it that things begin to really ‘happen’..



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