Yesterday’s tutorial

I had a meeting with my tutor yesterday, which helped to clear things up regarding the direction I’m taking.

I started by explaining the thought about an application regarding air pollution and why I think it wouldn’t unfortunately work.  Then we discussed the two main application ideas: solar system and meteorology.

An important suggestion would be to create a narrative in the solar system idea, make it more playful and strengthen the fictional element. I believe this is an excellent idea as it would make the app more engaging for children and would also differentiate it more to the web site I found a few days ago. As a matter of fact, before this suggestion I was prepared to reject the solar system idea (even though it was the one that resonated more on a personal level) for the sake of the meteorology one. This has changed now and my preferred concept is the solar system one.

Another interesting suggestion was to explore new technologies of sensors and ways of navigations, e.g. electronic glove.


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