visual style for Solar System app

This concept for an application still  has the problem that was discussed in a previous post (there is a rather similar project in the  form of a web page). I decided to explore it a bit further however by creating some DRAFT visuals to see how different (or not) it feels to that web site I had run into (link to website).

This would be part of the main screen (the solar system itself). As you can see, I had in mind a cheeky playful style rather than the normal ‘realistic’ one e.g. the background is a paper texture, the sun has actual flames around it, the orbit lines are made to look like stitches.. But I think it is the images of the elements (e.g. planets) themselves that would differ more to the  usual (and the particular website).

This is a draft image of Mars with its rocky surface, dusty atmosphere and ice clouds..


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