visual research for “Solar System” idea..and a PROBLEM

I never planned to follow the realistic approach of the following images – for instance, as the background instead of plain black I thought of using a dark paper texture..and the ice clouds or Mars would look like real compact ice. The following images though give an idea of a more ‘realistic’ view of the solar system:

As I was doing this research though, I came across an important problem: I found a website that has done something similar to what I was planning (in terms of functionality, not visual approach). The link to that is HERE.

It isn’t quite the same, however I do feel less confident about this concept after running into it, as it is also for kids and the navigation system is similar to what I was describing. However, the visual approach is different and when you click on a planet you are taken to an image of the planet from space – whereas with my idea you would be ‘standing’ on the planet’s surface looking at it and its atmosphere. Also, the idea of the mouse cursor being pulled by the ‘gravitational force’ of the planets is not present here.


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