Thoughts about the main new ideas for applications

The general thought is to create educational apps, possibly for children aged 8-12.

I examined three main concepts: air pollution (creation and actions to limit it), the solar system (comets, the planets and their atmospheres) and metereology.

The concept of air pollution seemed very interesting as it would result in an application that would be both education and promote eco-sensitivity. Unfortunately, my research on the matter showed that the factors of atmospheric pollution are so varied that it is difficult to use them as elements in an interactive application (the mechanism should be relatively simple and understandable), and also that the measures to limit are mostly related to legislation..the only thing I could possibly work with is biofilters, but that would result in a very specialised app rather than one of general interest for the target group.

Metereology is also a quite complicated mechanism, but it is not impossible to use if by simplifying it. After all, the purpose of the application would be to give the user some basic knowledge and understanding of weather conditions, not make him a professional metereologist! In this case, the user would be altering parameters of the weather (e.g. temperature / humidity) and the application would begin to rain..snow..throw hail stones..etc A lot of work is required to simplify this concept to the extent that it is appropriate for such an application and the compromise in terms of accuracy will be significant. It sounds good in theory, there are however several “IF”s that should be examined.

The solar system application seems interesting and is also a safer bet. The element of interaction will mostly be limited to the navigation system (and also the plan is to have the mouse cursor being pulled by the ‘gravitational force’ of the planets). Compared to the Magnet and Hair Dryer apps I created earlier in the module, it seems like a small step back in terms of interaction and a step forward in terms of transferring information – it is a different approach.


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