thoughts about Danielle’s project

At some point I started thinking about Danielle’s project idea (“VJ Experience”) and I realised that this could be combined very well with my work with interactive applications which track the mouse pointer – except in this case the “mouse” is the person itself.

Some consoles which are already popular are able to track a person moving in front of them (this was displayed last year, at the TEDx Exhibition, by the guest from Sky) and this can be used to add interaction. In the case of Danielle’s project, the person would be dancing, the equipment would track this motion and the screen behind him/her would react to this visually (e.g.  a spotlight following the person, and Danielle’s visuals moving around the figure of the person on screen).

Some research will be needed to see which consoles have this ability and if they support Flash.

I can discuss this with Danielle after the holidays. It could turn out to be something interesting, and after all the module is called “Creative Interaction”..


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