Idea for app: solar system

When I researched comets I found interesting things to use visually. The same happened when I studied about the planets and their atmospheres. All these could be combined in an application about the solar system. The interactive element would be the navigation between the objects. The application does not to be perfectly accurately in terms of the visual representation of the information (e.g. in a photographic way). Since the application will be an educational application for kids, some elements may be exaggerated to add visual interest and a warmer or more illustrated feel may be adopted, while keeping the basic information itself intact.

The main screen of the application would be the solar system. (If possible using flash) the planets will have a “gravitational field” which will be moving the mouse cursor towards them..  At some point a passing comet could appear. At the suggested distance from the sun it would suddenly acquire it’s “coma” (the gases leaving the nucleus). The nucleus will be rotating. There could be lightness flashes.

When the user clicks on one of the planets (or it’s gravitational field absorbs the mouse cursor!), he will be taken to the “planet” itself. If this was Mars for instance, one of the visual elements would be the ice clouds (even though in reality these are made of tiny ice particles, in the application some illustrative elements/contours of compact ice could be used, adding a slight surreal touch..). Information will also be provided in written form (for instance by hovering over items).



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