brainstorming session for flash applications _1

Lately I’ve been so absorbed with getting to grips with Flash and Actionscript, the tools that I will be using, that I neglected to do further thinking about what they will be used for precisely.. It is time to start considering more ideas for applications (while still learning Actionscript).

Some ideas:

– The “magnetic aura” app that was described before. The visual approach however could either be vector based, or use actual photographs of small metal objects which will be getting magnetized..

– An application that would leave a trail (line) behind the mouse pointer with a colour code corresponding to speed. When the user for instance moves the cursor at a slow speed, the line formed can be blue. When done quicker, the new line will be red, etc.

– A variation on the “magnetic aura” app: metal balls placed on a table or forming an index. When the cursor approaches, their balance is disrupted – the ball closest to the cursor is attracted to it and this disturbs the balance. When released, movement between the balls (attraction/repulsion) is initiated. (Note to self: sound of ball moving on surface..maybe from bowling for instance, being made slightly higher in pitch)

– Concentric circles, like a kitchen stove. When the mouse cursor is above them, they begin to get progressively “hotter” (colour change).

– A lot objects on a table, e.g. pieces of torn paper , on top of each other. The mouse cursor is a blow-dryer.. Where it blows the objects are moved (in a random distance)  and that particular area becomes “clean” (you can see the table). This way you can “write” a message. (Not to self: find sound of blow-dryer! Also maybe the cursor icon could be changed temporarily..)

General comment: Some of these ideas could be implemented in the same different games placed on a table.


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