Realisation / a definition for Aura

This decision might change further down the line and research will continue as planned, but I have thought of a definition for Aura that I would be interested in working with: Aura is the true meaning of things. The message.

The idea started with the image of a person pretending to be someone else, but his aura giving away his true personality. This can be applied to situations or scenes. I am not so much interested in using the ‘spirititual’ meaning of aura though.  I plan to use it in a more broad sense: An object or scene is depicted but another message comes from it, the true meaning, aura. It can be ambient or hard hitting, clear or chaotic.

Visually, the image I have in my head right now is Mark Lazenby’s  ‘Fixed to be Fixed and the Need to be ‘Broken’


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