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table, cut & paste

I tried “cutting” the image of one of the little balls and pasting it onto the image of the table. Then I made copies of the ball. These copies can be animated using Actionscript.

I must say, I am a bit pleasantly surprised. The results are not perfect, but I was expecting them to be terrible and that I would need to resort to a vector-based solution. Maybe there’s some potential in this approach. I will need to explore this.




visual exploration _table

I took this photo of a table which could be used as the background for one of the applications

Then I experimented a bit, primarily having in mind the idea of a table with small items, which the mouse cursor would cause to move (e.g. with the idea of “magnetic aura”).

brainstorming session for flash applications _1

Lately I’ve been so absorbed with getting to grips with Flash and Actionscript, the tools that I will be using, that I neglected to do further thinking about what they will be used for precisely.. It is time to start considering more ideas for applications (while still learning Actionscript).

Some ideas:

– The “magnetic aura” app that was described before. The visual approach however could either be vector based, or use actual photographs of small metal objects which will be getting magnetized..

– An application that would leave a trail (line) behind the mouse pointer with a colour code corresponding to speed. When the user for instance moves the cursor at a slow speed, the line formed can be blue. When done quicker, the new line will be red, etc.

– A variation on the “magnetic aura” app: metal balls placed on a table or forming an index. When the cursor approaches, their balance is disrupted – the ball closest to the cursor is attracted to it and this disturbs the balance. When released, movement between the balls (attraction/repulsion) is initiated. (Note to self: sound of ball moving on surface..maybe from bowling for instance, being made slightly higher in pitch)

– Concentric circles, like a kitchen stove. When the mouse cursor is above them, they begin to get progressively “hotter” (colour change).

– A lot objects on a table, e.g. pieces of torn paper , on top of each other. The mouse cursor is a blow-dryer.. Where it blows the objects are moved (in a random distance) ¬†and that particular area becomes “clean” (you can see the table). This way you can “write” a message. (Not to self: find sound of blow-dryer! Also maybe the cursor icon could be changed temporarily..)

General comment: Some of these ideas could be implemented in the same different games placed on a table.

baroque me

This flash application was posted by Mikel Horl in the Future Design MA group on facebook. It is nice and rather similar to what I am considering to do for Aura.


thinking about the visual gloss

Lately I’ve been focused on figuring out how to implement things in Flash and Actionscript. It is probably time to start thinking how the application might look visually. Almost everything can be made to rotate/follow the mouse cursor etc in Flash/Actionscript.

Here is an interesting image (album cover)..could something like this be used?

test flash application 3

The triangles now follow the movement of the mouse cursor and rotate (the circles remain still). This tracking of the mouse movement can be used to form a “magnetic aura’ in future applications.


test flash application 2

This is not meant to look good or be linked to Aura visually. I’m just doing the first ‘baby-steps’ in Flash and this little program marks a big step: it was created using Actionscript.