Relevant own past work _Photographic

Even though most of the projects I have worked on for briefs revolved around clean graphics, I enjoy experimenting with abstract photography in my personal time. Some of these feel related to the theme of ‘aura’. I am in favour of exploring new territory – however one (or more) of the elements used in past work may lead me to discover these new territory..

The first thoughts about Aura involve abstract styles. Before exploring these in more detail however, it is important to keep in mind that this is not necessarily right. Aura could be dynamic / explosive:

Or very dark:

Moving on to the abstract styles. The most simple method is using unfocused shots and blur. The images below are placed in an order of increasing blurriness.

Adding colour:

Another possible technique is overlaying layers.

A technique, which hasn’t matured in my work but may have interesting room for development (using interacting variations of the same layer):

Going completely abstract.

Adding elements of digital painting and ‘exposed polaroid’ light effects.

Idea: Using a semi-abstract image and then an abstract ‘closeup’ of the aura.


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